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"Jim Walker is great for small office spaces. I contacted a lot of realtors in looking for what I wanted.

Everyone except Jim found my size requirements very uninteresting and didn't provide the kind of follow up I was looking for.  Jim helped me at every point in my search and was consistently well informed and reliable. "

Mary Ann Miner M.D.

 “Jim was exactly the person I needed to help me locate my new office space. I was under the gun, and had a very specific idea of what kind of office space I was looking for and Jim delivered above and beyond my expectations. I’m so happy with my new office—I would not have found such a great space without his help. Kudos to Jim and Walker Poulton they receive my best recommendation.”


Chris Hawkins
Hawkins Communications & Design, Inc

"Working with Jim has been one of the most essential elements of our success. He gave Hyper Raje Productions great directions and advice about business. A great location for a business is everything! I can honestly say that if we had anyone else look for our studio, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Chris Mayrena - Hyper Raje Records

"We've engaged Walker Partners twice to secure offices in downtown San Francisco, in 1998 and again in 2008--in both cases they gave us straightforward analysis of the market, candid assessment of pros and cons of our options, and pushed through negotiations to get a gooddeal. I highly recommend them, especially for nonprofits like ours that don't have in-house real estate experience but need fully professional services."

Steve - San Francisco Non-Profit

“After working with a couple of real estate agents who just didn't get what my business needed, I decided to take things into my own hands. I went to Craigslist and the first place I found was one that Jim was showing. I quickly realized that although the space didn't work for my business, Jim was THE person to work with.

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“I hired Walker Partners to find me space in the - at the time - very tight San
Francisco Commercial Real Estate Market. They did a great job in finding us a space that both worked well for our company needs and did not induce rampant aerial suicides from the accounting staff. In the
intervening years I have gotten to know Walker Partners very well and find them
to be a highly technical individuals with extraordinary salesmanship skills - a very rare and valuable combination!”

Jerry - National Technology Company

"On behalf of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I can't say enough about Walker Partner's amazing work on our behalf. We have worked with them twice in the past 5+ years and both times they have done a great job for us -- paying attention to our needs and producing great results. They've always been attentive and responsive, personable and easy to work
with. We'd definitely recommend them and we hope to work with them again
next time."

Leah - San Francisco Non-Profit

“I hired Walker Partners to lease one of my company's buildings after I'd interviewed every other broker in the market. I found their work to be thorough, and acumen of the market to be outstanding. Not only did they quickly establish great rapport with me and other members of my team,
their management of these relationships was very impressive. I was very happy with their leasing results also. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again on another assignment, and have complete confidence in recommending them to others.”

Warren - West Coast Real Estate Investor